About Me

I’m a huge nerd. I love Harry Potter and comic books. I change my hair color often and with great relish. I love coffee, I think about the coffee I’m going to drink in the morning before I go to sleep at night.

and I used to think there was something wrong with me.

I preferred spending time alone over going to parties, had a lack on interest in socializing, strived for downtime, didn’t feel “high” from overstimulating environments, and was constantly being told to come out of my shell.

Over the years I tried to “fix” the things about me that people said wouldn’t really help my career. I created this extrovert mask that was exhausting, and really only lasted for so long until I totally shut down. And worst of all, it wasn’t me.

I started to notice that the things I was successful doing were all in line with one thing…my introverted nature. I thrived at being self-sufficient, super-focused, observant, and thorough in my decision-making. All these qualities have been my super powers through my career and building my brand. 

When it comes to marketing yourself or your brand, being an introvert can feel like a disadvantage, we can feel drowned out by the extroverted megaphone, but we have the power of observance and listening. We understand our audience, and what they want and need. Building our brands may not look the same as someone with an extroverted personality, but it will be authentically us. 

I’m here to help you thrive and build your brand in authentic way, from your own shell. 

xo Monica