A Fun, Easy Way to Grow Your Email List!

Who doesn’t love a good quiz? Not like a pop quiz that you are definitely prepared for ;), but a personality quiz that reveals the hidden secrets of why you’re you. Maybe not like exactly why you’re you, but without the Myers-Briggs, a lot of us wouldn’t even know we’re introverts. That freeing feeling of seeing that “I” and finally understanding why you can’t socialize as long as some of your friends, and quite frankly don’t want to, is pretty priceless.


You may have taken or seen quizzes on other sites you frequent. What’s your brand voice? What’s your secret sauce? What kind of instagrammer are you? I’ll admit, I can’t resist these quizzes either and when I saw that people used them to build their email list and drive action I was ABOUT it.

It’s not another freebie PDF to add to the ones collecting dust on our desktop.

It’s something fun we can do in 3 minutes and find out a little something about ourselves.

I’ve partnered up with Interact to create an awesome quiz for my website and share with you how you can do the same for your business!

How to come up with a quiz that makes sense for your business

Yes, this is fun, but it’s also creating opportunities to know more about your audience. Interact has so many templates to choose from that can give you amazing ideas for quizzes that work for your audience. The templates are laid out by industry so you don’t have to start from scratch, but you can also do that. Then you choose whether you want it to be a scored quiz, assessment, or personality test.

Templates to help you get started!

In my case, I thought it would be fun to create different types of introverted entrepreneurs, so I chose a personality test. Now this makes sense for two reasons; one, my audience is introverted entrepreneurs who aren’t all created equal so I can find out even more about them with the questions I’ve selected, and two, I can organize that info in my email marketing system to write more relatable copy. I’ll go more in depth on this later.

I decided to create 4 different types of introverted entrepreneurs and create a series of questions based on that. I used the business template because the goal was to still address their business while also sprinkling in the introverted traits. I mapped out the questions based on what these different levels of introverts might identify with and created answers that correlated with each type.

The goal was too give a unique perspective on being an introverted entrepreneur. Some of us want to be in the spotlight even though it can be tough, and some of us love working alone. I gave goals, challenges, and aspirations in the results that would create some trust and show that I get it. The goal at the end is to grow my email list and drive traffic to my free facebook community, Quiet Rebel Society.

Both of these channels allow me to give more value to the newly joined intropreneur. These are two places where I can establish that know, like, and trust factor, so people are ready to buy when I have an offer.

Add your personal branding!

You’ve worked hard to make your website and you don’t want to add something that doesn’t fit your aesthetic. You have a color story and a logo and typefaces.

Interact makes it super easy to add your own branding to the quiz so it seamlessly fits into your website. I was able to add my logo and use my brand colors and fonts when creating my quiz.



Amazing! Everything was drag and drop and super easy to use. You don’t have to code anything, just drop in your color codes, crop your photos, and you’re done!

This makes a huge difference when incorporating this into your marketing strategy. You don’t want something looking completely off from what your brand represents everywhere else online.

Making Your Quiz Content

This part was so fun! Like I said above, I used the business template because I wanted have some guidance and still keep the questions business related. After all, that’s what I’m here to help people with, right? I think that’s key, you want to have fun and add value, but still drive results. When you’re choosing a template theme or your quiz questions, take note of what you want to learn about your audience.

For example:

I chose questions that inquire about how introverted entrepreneurs plan for their business, work with others, and the goals and aspirations they have. This creates a fun, easy going way for them to figure out their style, and I can see where I can help them more in marketing their business or putting themselves out there.

I also added one fun question so they could express themselves as just an introvert in life, so I can know how they like to recharge. Not all introverts are created equal, and I chose to make this quiz show my audience that I understand that.

We aren’t just one big shy stereotype!

We all have different dreams, aspirations, and challenges in business.

How I created the quiz results

Again, this was the fun part. I got to think of different types of entrepreneurs and how introverts would like to exist in those roles. I made the results different enough that each question could be distinctively different, even though each would relate back to an introverted trait.

For example:

And you can add gifs! And if you know me, you know I love a good gif (especially if it’s Harry Potter). This is one of the results I created based on the different types of entrepreneurs. I won’t show you the rest, you’re going to have to take the quiz and see ;).

Each of these results gives a summary of their hopes for their business, their challenges, and how they like to introvert. These copywriting elements are crucial for my audience to see that I understand them. And that understanding leads to the call to action.

On Interact, you can choose to automatically redirect them to a page or give them a call to action. For now, I’ve chosen call to action because I’m building a community on introverted entrepreneurs on Facebook and that’s my main goal right now. Later, I could decide to redirect them to a relevant blog with at product at the end of that blog, or send them to a current offering I’m promoting. The possibilities are really endless, it just depends on your current marketing funnel.

How does this build your email list?

The moment has come when you integrate your email marketing system to build your list through the awesome Interact quiz you just built!

I use MailChimp, so I just connected my account and started the integration. The set up with really easy, they walk you through it step by step.

I use one list in MailChimp and give tags to certain topics. I added my list, added the first name merge tag because I use that in my emails a lot, and added a tag for each result. This way I can segment each result if I wanted to write a different message to each one, but I don’t have to.

Now my list is ready to collect those emails! I chose to let people decide whether they want to sign up or not. I don’t think it’s fair to not offer the results unless you sign up for the email, but that’s just me.

How to Promote Your Quiz

Interact offers several different ways to get your quiz out there, which is super great. I’m have started with a website announcement bar and a website pop-up, and I’ll end up using almost all of the options at some point.

On social media I’ll share with a direct link, and I’ll most likely embed the quiz onto a landing page so I can easily direct traffic there!

How I used it so far…

Cute, right?

The branding perfectly fits in with my site and how could you resist wanting to know? :)

My thoughts on creating a quiz with Interact!

I’ll definitely report back on the results of my quiz as I promote it for the next couple of weeks, but overall the process was fun, easy, and rewarding. I was able to create something interactive and unique for my audience. Marketing our business can be dull and strategic at times, so taking a quiz to help get that information shakes things up a bit.

Overall, the process of actually setting up the quiz was very simple and intuitive. Interact shows you each step, and the templates make it even easier.

Like I said before, I’ve taken quizzes on other site and had fun with the results so to me this strategy is worth trying. It’s a refreshing way to build your list and get to know your audience.

My biggest advice is to really think about what information would be helpful to collect from the quiz that will allow you to serve your audience even better.