An Introvert’s Guide to the Sales Follow Up (and Close)


This week’s blog came from the submission, I fear following up. I hate pushing sales and pestering people who drop out of the process.

And I think all of us have felt this way one time or another. Sales are not my favorite, I would be lying if I said they were. And honestly, it was a huge part of why I didn’t have my own service-based business for awhile.

It was easier for me to create content for someone else’s business. Less pressure, right?

I’ve gotten a lot of advice on this topic, from a lot of extroverts, surprise. And all of it felt very not…me. Can you relate?

Let’s be real, sales DO come naturally to some people. I’m not one of those people. I’m terrible at bullshitting people. In fact, before a business call the other day, someone asked me to not be blunt with that client (lol). I have no time for bullshit. I have a serious don’t waste my time personality. So traditionally, that would mean that I’m not good at sales. But, luckily, you can sell without being fake and when you have your own business, you can sell however you want.

I have a few tips I use, and some that helped me sell out my Quiet Rebel program in just one week.

Sales is communicating how you want people to feel

It’s true! Sales is two levels of feeling. First you want to show people that you know how they feel now. You get them and understand their struggle. Second, you’re not selling the process, you’re selling the transformation. People don’t care what the bells and whistles and logistics are until the end. They want to know if you can make them feel the way they aspire to feeling.

Introverts are great at connecting with people, and not in a shallow way, which I think gives us an edge in this area. Doing this throughout the process will make the follow-up much less painful, I promise.

Sell your beliefs and values over your products and services

People want to invest in a vision of themselves.

When you’re showing up to sell yourself and your business, you embody the values you have chosen.

When you share those values, people connect to them. Lead with values and emotions and take the time to connect with your people, because people generally don’t buy from strangers on the internet. And the sales journey starts long before you make that ask and continues long after you follow up.

When you are on that call with them or reading the comments on a sales post, listen to what they want or what versions of themselves they want to be and include that in the follow up. Reiterate what you believe and align those beliefs with their aspirations. Then mention the product or service, briefly, so they can justify their guttural response with rational reasoning.

Give value, even in the follow up

Reality is, you might not work with this person you’re trying to sell on your product or service. I got a free 10 minute massage at a store opening a couple months ago and the women who gave me a massage told me, “I don’t see most people after this free massage, so I always like to let them go with something that will help them, even if I never see them again.” She told me to breathe more because I hold too much tension in my neck. And now, I stop to do that.

Of course you want to stay positive about the sale, but sales are also a numbers game, so it’s not going to happen every time. So when you follow up, give them something that will help, whether they go with you or not.

They will remember that when they need help again.

Rejection will happen most of the time.

This is just numbers. And I don’t have to tip for this, except that it happens to everyone often. Ideally, the clearer you get on your message, you’re repelling the people that don’t align well with you.

Decide how many sales you have to make to hit your goal and don’t worry about the rejections, it gets easier with time. But also, it’s not always no forever. Keep showing up and sharing the results you get for people, some people just aren’t ready for your magic.

Follow up with an ACTUAL ASK.

And my last tip is actually following up.

How many of us have just made that initial ask and then just let it go because you don’t want to bother them. Me!

We’re so bogged down in not being “salesy” we forget to actually ask for the sale. You are a business and not just a content creator. You’ve come this far, you’ve created awesome content, given value, connected on a genuine level. You've been working so hard and you believe that what you’re offering can transform their life or solve their problem, no matter how small.

So this, most important, tip is to actually follow up with confidence and urgency. Tell them you don’t them to miss out on solving their problem and feeling great about themselves.

Be infectious about what you have to offer if you actually believe in it! And if you don’t then that should be a red flag that maybe you don’t really want to be selling it.