How to Stand Out as a Leader in Your Niche, Even as an Introvert


The common stereotype is that leaders are loud, extroverted, and boisterous. They command people with their loud presence and recharge from the energy of their following.

But, introverts have all the qualities to be great leaders. It just looks different.

We lead quietly, we listen, and we empower people through carefully crafted messaging. We use our powers of observation to recognize what will motivate and inspire.

Now, I’m not saying extroverts don’t make great leaders, but they get more of a chance to!

Sometimes we hold ourselves back because we’ve been fed this narrative of extroverted leaders. These are a few things that will help you stand out in your niche and create a growing business as the awesome introvert you are.

Choose a niche

Ayo! That’s right, we have to actually choose one to be a leader for our audience. You may think you’re limiting yourself and your client pool if you do this, but what you’re really doing is getting clarity in your message and attracting the exact person you’ve set out to attract.

Clarity is key, people don’t want to be confused about what you do, right? Your zone of genius is waiting for you, you just have to choose it.

We all have one!

Self belief, Even if You Have to Borrow it

I was thinking about what holds introverts back, and I think this is a big one. Not to say that this only happens to introverts, but I think that the introspection we all love can also be a culprit of our failure to launch. We talk ourselves out of our own knowledge and power. I don’t have enough testimonials or social proof or a nice website, but the underlying fear is, can I do it?

Confidence is perceived to be loud, but it doesn’t have to be.

Confidence comes from within, always. You know that you’re in your zone of genius, but you also know that you can learn something or hand it off to someone else. An expert is good at one thing, that’s why you’re an expert. We all suck at something, so don’t worry about that thing!

Odds are, you already know enough

I’ve heard a lot of introverts with great business ideas say they don’t feel like they know enough to teach something, or charge for something. Odds are you probably know a lot more than some people who are starting out. So think about when you were in the beginning stages of your craft, and how much you didn’t know, and then think about what you can offer people now. I bet it’s a lot more than you think.

You are the best leader or teacher for someone who is only a step or two behind you.

You haven’t forgotten what it feels like to be where they are. You can guide them through the transformation you’ve gone through and you can now provide them.

Someone that IS you doesn’t need to hire you!

If they need your leadership they will hire you. You’re solving a problem, but it doesn’t have to be huge. The smallest problems can be the most profitable to solve for people. They are doable and so annoying that people are motivated to solve them.

Play to your strengths

We have a lot of leadership strengths as introverts, for example, we rarely seem impulsive or flighty. As a leader, you create trust, stability, and clarity when presenting your ideas, or even managing comments on instagram. Being an introvert can be a superpower because you do not rely on others for your energy. It helps when you have to make tough decisions or have healthy conflict. Being self-sufficient and devoted to your ideas, vision, and principles is extremely helpful in entrepreneurship or leadership.

Think about what people are asking you for help with? Observing what people need and what they want from you. They will reflect back your greatest skill, especially if you’re not clear on it.

Be Transparent, Always

More and more, people are understanding introversion these days and honestly, even if your target market isn’t introverts, they love when you show your human side and share your struggles.

Tell your audience your introverted and working on getting your face out there more! People want a deeper dive on social media. That is at the core of what social media is. They don’t want a ton of value content that is completely impersonal, your value is more absorbable when it’s on a plate with your personality.

Don’t feel like you’re over-communicating

I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, but there are times when I communicate so much more than I usually do and then feel like I over communicated, so I go dark for a minute. But, odds are your audience didn’t see it the first or second time, and if they did, then you reminded them!

We all have busy lives and it’s okay to repeat your messaging and offers multiple times. If you believe in them, you won’t feel weird about it because you know how much it will help people or make them feel great. If they want it and you believe that it will help them, then you’re not bothering them. Someone needs to see something seven times before making a buying decision, and they need to see it in a similar way.

Copywriting tip: sandwich that offer or ask in some value. Give value in the beginning, make the ask, and give value at the end. Or a story about why your offering this. A lot of what we offer is connected to a personal story or experience, it’s a work of love.

Being a leader means that you are present, you don’t have to know everything or be an expert in everything. A leader is present and focused on the goal. Choose a niche, decide you’re going to solve a problem, and stick with it.

Be present for your people, but not perfect.