How to Get the Most Out of Social Media, So You Can Grow Your Business!

Social media can be this big daunting place full of perceived perfectionism, comparison, and vulnerability. But it doesn’t have to be, it can be the best focus group for your business.

A place where you can try new content, strategy, and experiment with fun ideas you’ve had for your business.

Yes, everything on the internet is basically forever, but if you’re just testing messaging or seeing what your people respond to for your business, it’s ok if it’s there forever. 

I was talking to some of the Quiet Rebels this week, and some felt scared to put something that wasn’t perfect on social media. But really, our marketing should always be a work in progress. I’m always testing things on social media to see if I can use that messaging on other channels. 

Everything changes so much on social media and sometimes that’s a good thing. We can be dynamic and try new things without throwing off our entire brand. 

First, remember one story, or post, won’t throw off your whole feed

If you’ve been wanting to test something on your social channel that is a bit different than your usual post, do it! Social media is the PERFECT place to give something a try. 

Social media has the most instant gratification when it comes to results and it can tell you a lot about your audience quickly. 

We have a lot of room to grow on social media with a high forgiveness factor. The online world moves fast, so use that to your advantage!

Second, come with a fail mentality 

I know that sounds counterintuitive, but too often we are hanging on the reaction to every post, story, or comment. If you come with a fail mentality, you’ll be more likely to try new things more often. 

One of my clients said they were afraid that no one would respond to what they put out there. I told them that even with the really great engagement on my social channels, sometimes no one replies to my engagement strategies. It happens!

If our worth isn’t hanging on these outcomes then it becomes a lot easier, and more fun, to try new things. This time last year I would never be doing an Instagram live, and now it’s one of the focal points of my content strategy.

Things you can test...

Dive into new content types and see what your audience is drawn to. If you’ve never posted a text graphic, try some...if you’ve never posted a video...go for it. Then compare that content to your normal go-tos at the end of the month.

Test posting times to see when your audience is most engaged. For instance, for this business midday posts do best, but for my skin care business, posts do best at 11pm. I would have never known that if I didn’t test it. 

Test calls to action...your people aren’t going to respond to everything you ask them to do. So test different actions, like clicking through to an article, posting a comment, sharing the content. Last week I was asking what people wanted to see on my blog, when I posted the question feature in stories there were crickets (which isn’t normal), so I added 7 slides with polls and those got an overwhelming response. I learned that I needed to give more suggestions with marketing posts. 

Visuals….colors and design play a big role in marketing, especially on the more imagery heavy platforms. Test new colors in your graphics or photography and see if it increases actions or engagement.

Tone of voice...not every platform will use the same tone, even for your brand. For example, Linkedin will be more formal than Twitter. Instagram might be more playful and lengthy than Facebook. You can adjust all your messaging on that platform when you establish what works. 

And lastly decide what success of these tests looks like (or what you measure)

Tests have to be measured, or they’ve told you nothing. 

So figure out what measurements mean something was successful, this could be engagement increases, new followers, email opt-ins, sales, traffic to your website. Watch for spikes in these measurements to see if you should keep testing those strategies. 

I hope this has been helpful and has taken some pressure off what you do on social media.


When you’re holding back on putting something out there, remember that NO ONE knows what they’re doing. We’re all trying things, failing, and getting up and trying again.