Writing a sales page is my favorite task in my business.
— Said No One Ever

In fact, you’d probably rather go to a party and risk the crowd of extroverts. A least there’s a dog or cat there you could hang out with until you sneak out 😉.

Some common feelings from writing sales copy in the past may have been ickiness, shame, frustration, and resistance.

How are you supposed to sell without being “salesy”?


remember the last time you were sold on something and didn’t even know it?

✅ You had no intention of buying anything but they got you.

✅ After you read the offer you thought “How did this person get inside my head?!”

✅ Then you think “If I could do that I wouldn’t feel so weird about selling my awesome thing.”

✅ You want to be able to talk about your offer in a way that captures your personality and isn’t gross at all.

If the thought of selling makes you cringe, you’re not alone.

Even marketers can feel the struggle of staying authentic, but still striving to meet their goals.

But cringing and distracting yourself to avoid it isn’t the answer. What you do may be perfect for your audience, but they won’t know that if you don’t tell them with words that convert, and resonate with their goals, values, and aspirations.

Maybe You’re Here Because

  • You’ve started something new and you want to start with clear messaging and a solid strategy that elevates your brand.

  • You’ve lost momentum in your business and you need to check in with the soul of your business for a new plan.

  • You've read so many marketing blogs and books, watched too many videos, and you're still feeling lost.

  • Marketing has always made you feel icky, but you want to do it on your own terms.

  • You want to get to the next level with your business, but you don’t feel like you have the know-how to market your offerings and sell what you do.

imagine knowing exactly what to write to generate sales for your business.

You won’t even have to spend hour after hour agonizing over what to write so you don’t feel pushy and “salesy” on your website, in an email, on your blog, or on your next social post.

Because you’ll know…

  • Why you’re serving, not selling.

  • How you’re helping, not pushing.

  • What problem you’re solving.

  • Who you’re solving that problem for.

  • What that solution means to them.


That’s Exactly why I created Unsocially Aligned

A 4 week Marketing Intention to get Aligned in your Messaging and Convert More Sales for Your Business.


This program is for…

✅ Intropreneurs who are too casual about their strengths and skills, but know they have something unique to give.

✅ Intropreneurs who struggle with self-promotion and want to sell their offer without feeling the dreaded marketing sleaze.

✅ Intropreneurs who truly believe in what they’re doing and want to be able to sell it in a way that captures their intention and personality.

✅ Intropreneurs who are ready to to give their business the chance it deserves, but can’t figure out how (we can do that together!).

Kat knew she wanted to help creatives systemize their business so they could make more time for creating, and use less time dealing with the business tasks they didn’t like to do. But, she didn’t know how to show them exactly why she was the one to help.

Kat went through 4 weeks of Unsocially Aligned and it all became clear…


Kat, Productivity Coach for Creatives

“I was having a hard time finding my why and my messaging for my productivity coaching for creatives business. And when Monica went through her process, I was SO relieved! The questions she asked helped me search deep within as to what my purpose was. She’s took the time to navigate me through all the words I couldn’t seem to put together, and turned it into something so meaningful. I highly recommend her if you’ve been stuck and struggling to piece your business messaging and why

🙏🏽 Thank you, Monica 🎉”

What You’ll Get

  • Clarity in your business and marketing so you can stop holding back and get on with growing.

  • Understanding how copywriting influences your business and how the right messaging can sell for you.

  • The knowledge of how to use that messaging to market you business, and the confidence to execute it.

  • A marketing strategy that aligns with your passions, values, and goals.

  • A marketing expert to guide you, answer your marketing questions, brainstorm strategies, and make a plan to grow.

This Package includes:

Four 60 minute coaching calls to craft your message and marketing strategy.

Extensive notes from each call, with insights from me.

Exercises and tasks designed to increase your understanding and give you the tools to start marketing and growing.

A plan to stop overthinking, and start growing your business.

Lifetime access to bounce ideas off me through the Unsocially Inclined to Grow Facebook Group for Intropreneurs.

Your investment

$600 or three payments of $200