What I do

I’m a marketing professional (that sounds so stuffy). I’m a person who loves helping people put their vision into words, images, and systems. I pull from all my marketing knowledge and experience to clarify marketing concepts and demystify how they apply to your business.

I mentor you in finding clarity in your business to ensure that the marketing you do is aligned and purposeful. Marketing is the path to growth, and I’m here to guide you and give you the know-how to thrive as your amazing introverted self.

What I don’t Do

I’ve been told to come out of my shell, speak up, not be so quiet, and smile. I’ve been told that I’d have to change who I am to have a business and connect with customers or clients. I’ve been an introvert in an extroverted profession, and let’s be real, an extroverted world.

These programs are not about change who you are or doing what you “should” or “must” do for you business. I will not tell you to use strategies that don’t feel right to you or make sense for your personality. I will not make you feel lesser or wrong for what you haven’t done or what you are hesitant to do to market your business.

You have the tools to build a sustainable and authentic business just as you are. I will guide you to grow your business with the capacity you already have as an awesomely introverted business owner. You have the capacity already, you just don’t know it yet.

Who I help

I help driven introverts who dream of building a life where they do what they love and work where they want, but feel stuck when it comes to marketing and growing their business. You truly believe in what you’re doing, but when it comes to selling it, you can’t quite figure it out. That doesn’t mean you’re not driven to, just that the strategy of it hasn’t come easily, and what you see out there isn’t how you want to serve your audience.

  • Maybe you’re starting something new and you want an aligned strategy right from the start.

  • Maybe you’ve lost momentum in your business, but not motivation, and you want to get back on track.

  • You might have a lack of marketing knowledge, but want to get to the next level.

  • Or, maybe marketing has just always made you feel gross, and you don’t know how to grow and not feel that way.

You’re ready to grow your business in the most aligned way, with the direction and focus that will allow you to grow sustainably and quietly, but with great impact.

Unsocially Inclined to Grow Programs & Services


Quiet Rebel - An 8 Week Marketing Program

For the intropreneur who just wants to get started, or scale to the next level, with clarity, purpose, and aligned with their introversion.

A one-on-one program that jumpstarts your marketing message into an action plan!